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ETIS  Service und Administration :

Sindlinger Str. 40, D-71126 Gäufelden Tel: +49(0)7032-75774 - Fax: +49(0)7032-74554 - Service Hotline: +49 (0) 151/11534559  

The company ETIS (Industrial Service for Electrical Engineering) was founded in 1993 as a planning, projecting and construction office with its own experienced electrical engineering service.  

ETIS is particularly involved in the design of plants and special engines for paper fabrication. In this field we can rely on the experienced employees of many years' standing of the electrical department of the former NEUE BRUDERHAUS. As you can see on the following pages, we are also at home in other fields of electrical engineering in industry and household. Our drawings and circuit diagrams are designed on most modern CAD equipment. The programs for plants and controls are developed with up-to-date program units and systems. We are successfully providing individual solutions not only for our industrial customers but also for the private ones.

Recently, consulting, planning and the assembly of photovoltaic systems (solar current) as well as mains operation systems have been incorporated to our company. To our customers' advantage we closely co-operate with famous and successful companies. Our local customers will also profit from the experience we've got in the worldwide support of assembly and putting into operation of our plants. 

We're looking forward to meet you and we'll be happy to help you with all our know-how and available technical equipment.



Electrical engineering  for industry, trade and household – quick and reliable:

automation and upgrade of systems and enginesdrive technology

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drive technology
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measurement and regulation techniques

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process-control systems

safety equipment, area control with light curtains and laserscanner
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control of quality and material flow by camera systems

photovoltaic systems for all fields
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spare parts supply

remote maintenance of all your plants and engine controls